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Busy Times

Hey Guys. Sorry for the lack of updates on this space for nearly a week now. I am afraid it is gonna be that way for quite a bit. I am on a BBC World Service online diary project called … Continue reading

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Sara Graduation

I had a busy and lovely weekend. Went out on a date saturday and visited my brother in Entebbe. Sunday went to church, had lunch with some of my nieces who were going back to school for the second terms … Continue reading

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It’s been good

The past two days have been very good to me. Last night the moon was exceptionally bright and it shone through my glass window into my bedroom. In the wea hours of the night, I woke and looked up and … Continue reading

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The Day I felt Death

  On some occasion when I’m free and not reading a book or surfing the net, I have tendency of browsing through my pc for things that I did sometime past before I came off age to blogging. Yesterday, I … Continue reading

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I bit my tongue

Today I had lunch at the company canteen. I usually do not eat lunch at work unless I am expecting to have serious physical training in the evening or the following morning, like I will be doing tomorrow, for it … Continue reading

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None Is Perfect But All Have Potential

“I am not perfect” and “after all it is not my language” are expressions that I have often heard some folks say in response to Recently the BBC African Service had a radio serious on Africans working/living/studying in China and … Continue reading

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Picnic on the Beach

Last evening I had a picnic on the beach with a lovely friend who lives in Entebbe which is about forty kilometers from Kampala. We watched couples swim in the lake, listened to the waves and had fish and chips and bitter … Continue reading

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