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Idd Day

Toay has been a rather dull day but I have tried to make it exciting. The weather has been generally dull with intermitent showers and sunshine. With Trudy around I got up a bit late. It was rather cold with … Continue reading

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Cold Camera

Hey, "cold camera" is really my own way of saying that the camera was without power (batteries) that is its life line. Put another way, batteries are what powers the camera or it is what helps it to function. In … Continue reading

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It is nearly a week now since I crashed into a herd of cattle and my car is not yet back on the road. I have spent quite a bit on it hoping that I will have back on the … Continue reading

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Yesterday I talked about some of the surprises that the year has brought my way. Little did I know that in less than two hours I would be in for a mighty surprise that could have been with fatal results. … Continue reading

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This Year

This year has continued to bring in more surprises for me. Today at about 3am I woke up to a text message on my cell phone announcing the departure of the NewVision’s long serving chief executive, William Pike. The news … Continue reading

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Talking about Do men really want wives like June Cleaver? – Today: Relationships –

  Quote Do men really want wives like June Cleaver? – Today: Relationships –

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