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Unique Weddings

I wrote the piece below as a readers entry to the unique weddings column of the Parents magazine of East Africa. I thought visitors to this blog might find interesting even though I have in the past written about my … Continue reading

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  When I was a student in boarding secondary school there were three days every school term that either brought unusual joy or sadness to me and most other students who got used to expecting their parents, siblings, relatives or … Continue reading

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Does Anybody Hear Her?

  I have been listening to the song "Does Anybody Hear Her?" for about a week now and it has been one of those songs that I just get to like without even knowing all the words and or the … Continue reading

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Teso Floods

I have been traveling in North Eastern Uganda for the past two weeks as part of my duties as a regional marketing officer of a printing and publishing company here in Uganda. During my journey I have witnessed a lot … Continue reading

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Village Wedding

Village Wedding Not every day does an urban work of village extract wed in his home rather in the company of colleagues and friends in town. Well, that is what exactly happened last Saturday in my neighborhood in Kwapa village, … Continue reading

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