Teso Floods

I have been traveling in North Eastern Uganda for the past two weeks as part of my duties as a regional marketing officer of a printing and publishing company here in Uganda. During my journey I have witnessed a lot of flooding caused by unusual amounts of rains that some people have blamed on global climate change in this very often dry flat region.

Anyway, I am not a weather expert but what I saw is quite unusual and worrying because I have been to this area in the past and I have never witnessed such weather and over flooding of swamps to levels of submerging road sections and weeping away culverts and small bridges.

This region is largely a cattle grazing area with little cultivation. But cows now have graze in water logged grounds and a lot of crops have been destroyed. Some people have had to move out their homes to dry ground as the water pushes farther upland and if the rains continue unabated some roads in the area will become impassable, cutting off areas like Karamoja. From my observations, not much is being done to address the plight of the people affected, save for the local NGOs that are coming to the aid of the people. 


About mosrubn

Aged 50, married with two kids aged 9 and 7. In the past fifteen years worked in the newspaper industry; first with the government owned New Vision of Uganda for twelve year, then three in South Sudan with The New Nation,a weekly newspaper published by Sudan Advocacy for Development, as distribution manger. Now back home in Tororo, Eastern Uganda as a small scale farmer. Likes reading, writing/blogging, photography, travel, gardening, farming and hiking.
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