This Life

This week has been quite a week. So much stress and more stress at work and from all corners, especially my supervisors and I am at a brink of "collapse." I have contemplated resignation at least more than twice since last saturday when calls from head office started pouring in, even upto 11pm on Tuesday night. And there have been more and more calls over lots of things concerning my work and supervision of my territory that is Eastern Region of Ugandan. The most disturbing of all is a remak by my supervisor that my whole territory is messed up, including my self. And the most disturbing email is one is one from an auditor asking where I got money to pay for educational books that I had distributed to several outlets in my territory but had not remitted the payments in time for close of month balances, yet they from head office had turned around and given me conditions that would hurt customer relations, in that I was forced to make some of the customers pay for books in such a short time contrary to the span initially agreed.
I have been made to appear a thief and I was not also told exactly how I have failed in my territory and when I asked my boss to explain how my territory and myself are messed up, he just told me to pay company money in regard to the books supplied to my territory.
Well, I less disturbing call came from another supervisoir saying that there are plans under way to recall me back to head office despite her pleas to the contarary. Less disturbing I say because it was not entirely unexpected , for some one had inttimted to me las week that I am being put under pressure to clear my desk for somebody else she is grooming at head office for my job, besides my other boss had intimated to me in December on a field trip to my territory that the sales manager thought that I would be more effective in the office rather the field. Any how what ever is going I really do not know but it smurks off intrigue to me.
I have evaluated how much time I and effort, emotionally, mentally, spiritually and physically that I use on my job vs my pay cheque and wondered if I did my own thing whether I won’t be better off. Well, life is stressful but I truely believe that herein the NewVision is no fair deal for me. I wonder why I should go on toiling and defending the company image in my territory for a company that does not care or has some managers who do not care how the treat employees.
I had given my self another four years in the NewVision before I retire to my pursue my own interests but it seems I am being given just a few days. I am wondering how I am gonna handle the matter of my day school nephew whom I stay with and will sitting his O level this year, for I have been told that I have to be prepared to move home to Kampala from Mbale this month. 
May the almighty give me the nerve and the wisdom to stay sober as things unfold.

About mosrubn

Aged 50, married with two kids aged 9 and 7. In the past fifteen years worked in the newspaper industry; first with the government owned New Vision of Uganda for twelve year, then three in South Sudan with The New Nation,a weekly newspaper published by Sudan Advocacy for Development, as distribution manger. Now back home in Tororo, Eastern Uganda as a small scale farmer. Likes reading, writing/blogging, photography, travel, gardening, farming and hiking.
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One Response to This Life

  1. Nandy says:

    Work worries, eh? Maybe you should get a job that is linked in with comptersa and blogging.
    There are people who blog for a living. It kinda suits the way of your lifestyle.

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