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Another Life

It’s been nearly five days now since our son Phil Obed Emitono was born and We’ve been home together with Gertrude three days now and we’ve had two sleepless nights with the baby crying nearly every¬† 45mins. It has been … Continue reading

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A New Day Has Come

A new day has come for me nad my wife, family and friends. Today, to us,has been born a son. We shall call him Pil. I was dreaming of Fify but that the one the Lord has given and we … Continue reading

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I have had quite a week. I traveled to Kampala for an appraisal to start off the new financial year. It was quite a bit, though, not as hot as some folks around my department had intimated it to be. … Continue reading

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It is funny when you want to be in two places or more at the same. I want to be home with my mentallyu ill sister, I want to be home gardening and playing with my dog skipper; sure I … Continue reading

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Weird Ways

Today or yesterday, whatever it may be refered to, I have spent the night in the office working at my desk. I arrived in Mbale from Kampala at 8.00pm having set off at 4pm Sunday afternoon. I headed straight to … Continue reading

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The Seed

Hi, Thanks for the seed. This has been a wonderful story that teaches a great lesson. I have been truly blessed by this stranger who forwarded it to me. I am usually weary of forwarded mail coz I have loads … Continue reading

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