No Change

There is going to be no transfer back to head office for me after all. That is until December for now. Today I received an official communication to that effect and I have been asked to pick up my car from Kampala when I travel there for the New Vision’s distributors annual seminar.

It is both exciting and not so exciting at the same time. I felt I had been treated unfairly when a sudden and unspecified decision to move me to Kampala was take after I had just been given targets for the next six months for my sales territory in Eastern Uganda and I had hoped that the transfer would back to Kampala would vindicate me, when somebody else faces the new challenge with whatever magic he was gona bring.

Well, it is time once again to evaluate myself and put my house in order. Check this page what happens in the next five months beginning now.

I have five months in which to excel at my work and prove myself and five months to travel in eastern Uganda and enjoy every bit of the outdoors before I go back to 8 hours of office work in Kampala. I also have five months in which to finish my cottage and the Reuben Gardens home in the village and Lake Moses; that is my pond. I have five months in which to plan an orchard of mangoes and oranges and five months to plant pine and Eucalyptus trees for my progeny.  Five months to have a real semblance of the beginnings of a beautiful country home to retire to in less than five years.

My piggery needs to be up and running soon again. I want to hear grants over there and more cockcrows with a poultry house up. More yellow eggs from the free range chicken and a sterner bark from a German shepherd dog than female Skipper’s current tail coiling.

I have lots do change my life in the five months and who knows, like the Biblical Hezekiah, I might just be given another term in Eastern that will take me through straight into retirement. Of course I assume there will be no greener pastures to move to. Well, we can only wait and see what the Lord will permit.

I had already asked my ill sister to come over to Mbale to stay with Shadrach in the event that I am transferred to Kampala and I am not gona change that now. My sister is in high spirits to come over to Mbale and it is my hope that it will make a change in her life, however small that may be.

My sister likes TV and I have to get satellite TV installed in my bedstead before she can move in and I also need new beddings for her.

Oh, so much to do, so much to write about. I wonder how little Pil Obed is fairing right now. I Can’t wait to see him tomorrow evening, God willingly.

It is seems to me that this no change is gona bring so much change into my life. The devil tried to pull the rug beneath my feet but the one the Lord has blessed nobody can curse.




About mosrubn

Aged 50, married with two kids aged 9 and 7. In the past fifteen years worked in the newspaper industry; first with the government owned New Vision of Uganda for twelve year, then three in South Sudan with The New Nation,a weekly newspaper published by Sudan Advocacy for Development, as distribution manger. Now back home in Tororo, Eastern Uganda as a small scale farmer. Likes reading, writing/blogging, photography, travel, gardening, farming and hiking.
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