My Vocation

The garden, geese, ducks and chicken,livestock besides family and church are the things that occupy much of my time these days.

It has been a very long time since I last sat down to type something on my PC. It is probably three years now, for I remember last posting something to my blog back in 2014 before leaving South Sudan for Uganda. I have lately received some emails of people following me despite my very conspicuous inactivity at I have also had a few calls from friends and college mates whom I have not met in a long time, wondering where and what I am up to these days.

Since I left South Sudan in July of 2014, I have been in my ancestral/country home in my village in Tororo District in Eastern Uganda. Some of you who might have read my last post to WordPress might remember what I called “My America” – that is Kwapa; my village – the “Green grass of home” I shall always return to if the Lord wills. That is where I have been for the greater part of my life. I occasionally travel to Entebbe to see my family or pick up the kids for the holiday in the village or return them to school.

Small scale mixed farming and family-raising could best describe my preoccupation since I ceased to be Distribution Manager of The New Nation newspaper at Sudan Advocacy for Development (SAD) in Juba.

I married late (at 40), therefore my children are quite young and need lots of attention and guidance even if they just two kids. They are quite a handful. On the other farming can be a very demanding activity. Put those two together, and find myself with very little time for my pastimes as blogging and internet based activities.  That may explain why I am not so active in such social forums as Whats App and Facebook. Not when I have more than two hundred direct questions to answer and two hundred more indirect ones to give explanations to from the duo.

Nothing passes their eyes.

In the holidays, they are with me literally everywhere; in the kitchen, dining table, garden, on the road, at the farm, movies, church, wedding ceremonies and walks.

Family and friends whom I have kept in touch with are those I can easily reach by phone or physically.

If anyone thought that I am unemployed or idle because I am out of formal employment, think again. I am occupied and I have no regrets despite the various challenges which are here and there.

Family, farming and the class of two that I have to guide or train up, that is more than a man can ask for.

A young lady recently looked at me in pity when I seemed to be so exhausted after some hard work at the farm and she asked me why I could not look for a new job. My answer to her was simple, “I have one and I enjoy it.” Then I added, why leave home at 50 for a job I do not know where and how far it will take me from my family when I already have one that is for keeps – farming.

Sometimes the smell of goats, especially the billies, may put off some folks but if you are an Etesot, you probably might have had this question: Are there flies in their home?

Unfortunately, that is the attitude of many folks around here, especially those who have “papers.” To such folks, either out some stupid pride or ignorance, farming is some dirty or accursed activity for those who have no other way to be economically employed. Some of them would rather sell everything to travel to the Middle East work slave like conditions or board the modern-day slave ships to Europe rather than get a vocation here at home.

The Mogerts feeding fish at Kipirio Mixed Farm.

To the contrary, through, experience and observation, I found out that farming is both exciting and rewarding. And real good and profitable farming needs people with papers (right knowledge) and capital. To do proper farming, you must of needs, as they say in KJV have interest and passion. I love my farming, in the same way I love my gardening.

I have had many folks wowed by my country home garden and have asked if they could something similar. My simple answer to them has consistently been “yes, but you must have both interest and passion besides patience and perseverance.”

To that effect, I supplied plants, ideas to a number of folks and even designed for them garden but a few months down the road; there is no sign that anything was planted. If I asked what happened to the garden project, these are the common answers: The goats ate the flowers, the heat was so severe and there was nobody to water the plants, the plants just died or the guy asked to weed could not differentiate the weeds from the ornamental s or they were too expensive to maintain.

Sometimes I would rather enjoy the sunset from my garden after an exhausting rather the pleasures that technology has to offer.

My dear friends, do not ask call me for a job unless your consulting me to supply you milk, fish, chicken, beef, eggs, goat, ornamental plants and gardening ideas for a fee. It seems whenever I give people free ideas on gardening and plants, they fail because they went through little or no pain to get them.

Well, if you are to succeed in whatever you do, put your all to it.


About mosrubn

Aged 50, married with two kids aged 9 and 7. In the past fifteen years worked in the newspaper industry; first with the government owned New Vision of Uganda for twelve year, then three in South Sudan with The New Nation,a weekly newspaper published by Sudan Advocacy for Development, as distribution manger. Now back home in Tororo, Eastern Uganda as a small scale farmer. Likes reading, writing/blogging, photography, travel, gardening, farming and hiking.
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2 Responses to My Vocation

  1. Wangui Ngethe says:

    Awesome work you are doing there in the farm. I can only imagine the peace and tranquility. Enjoy the children they are with you for a very short time. As for the farming… i wish i lived nearer, i could do with consultation on chicken farming, and loads of fish for eating. Regards to the family. Your kenyan friend. Mercy Ngethe

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