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REFLECTIONS IN JUBA – Independence South Sudan

Today is South Sudan’s fourth independence anniversary and it is my last day of  work here in Juba as far as my current contract with the New Nation newspaper and the Sudan Advocacy for Development (the NGO that runs the … Continue reading

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Reflections in Juba–The sad story of the undeserving Mzungu

If you have some knowledge of African history or at least follow some world events, you may know that for ages Africans have resisted racial discrimination and fought against white domination both on the African continent and the west. And … Continue reading

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Almost Paradise

Yesterday I drove to a “paradise” some where out there on the Eastern shores of Lake Victoria in Busia District in Eastern Uganda. On my way back I came singing the Bee Gee song “You promise me paradise.” Intermittently, another … Continue reading

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